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Panagiotis Mixalopoulos
Kolonos - Athens

The company "Painting - Panagiotis Michalopoulos" has its headquarters in Athens and is located at Argous Street 34 in Kolonos. With the appropriate experience and know-how, we undertake the renovation of your interior or exterior space.
With the right staff, we renovate your space according to your needs. It is important to understand that a renovation does not only concern the aesthetic effect of an area but also plays an important role in properly preserving and preserving your property. For example, when painting your place regularly, you protect your furniture from moisture and consequently from its deterioration.
We always in close cooperation with each customer are looking to carry out renovations that have excellent results satisfying your every need.
Exterior - interior, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, business premises.

Argous 34, Kolonos 10444 / Athens
Phone: 6972875911