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Gypsum board - Suspended ceilings


Gypsum Board - Suspended Ceilings
Panagiotis Mixalopoulos
Kolonos - Athens

The Company "Painting - Panagiotis Michalopoulos" has its headquarters in Athens, 34 Argous Street, Kolonos. Having extensive experience in the field, our company undertakes consistently and professionally work with plasterboard and pinewoods serving all Attica.
With the maximum experience and the right equipment, as well as an appropriately trained staff, we are able to create unique plaster constructions and shape your exterior and interior appropriately according to your needs.

We Offer:
Suspended ceilings   Hidden Lights     Wallboard of drywall    Partitions    Drawings on ceilings and walls     Furniture arrangements with plasterboard


Argous 34, Kolonos 10444 / Athens
Phone: 6972875911